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Luxlait chaîne de production

Luxlait laboratoire, contrôle, qualité

The history of our company teaches you: Luxlait has been in existence since 1894. For more than a century our manufacturing processes have been able to evolve while at the same time preserving the natural character of our products.

Indeed the primary objective of Luxlait is to satisfy its customers by offering them natural dairy products of a very high quality; that is why all our products are guaranteed to be free from preservatives. Obtaining quality products requires the use of impeccable raw materials.

So Luxlait commits itself to processing raw milk, from healthy herds, collected and transported in good hygiene conditions and coming exclusively from dairy farmers established on Luxembourg soil.

The National Analytical Laboratory analyses the raw milk supplied by the producers and ensures strict compliance with the standards issued by the European Commission in matters of hygiene.

Luxlait’s laboratory monitors the complete production of the product. At all stages, two key words are applied:

  • traceability allowing the retracing of the production conditions of a finished product and application of the HACCP principles, the guarantees of our quality assurance.
  • In addition, the finished products are rigorously tested by the National Health Laboratory.

These tests, together with production methods that combine traditional spirit and modern technologies, enable Luxlait to guarantee the consumer products that are completely healthy, natural and with an authentic taste.