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Kachkeis is a Luxembourg cheese speciality developed in a handmade traditional way, without preservatives or stabilisers.

We offer you two versions: in a pot or in a sausage with 40% fat content but also with 0% fat content. The one in a sausage can be cooked to your taste, by melting it and adding various ingredients to it: salt, pepper, garlic, white wine...

Thus you can enjoy it on a slice of bread or in a salad, with potatoes... It is the ideal accompaniment to country fare.

The variant in a pot is to be savoured directly on toast and it’s a real feast! We offer it to you plain and with herbs.

Packaging and flavours:


  • 40% fat content: 100g, 250g pot
  •   0% fat content: 250g pot

with herbs

  • 40% fat content: 250g pot


  • 0% fat content: for cooking: 250g, 500g (sausage)