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As a market leader in Luxembourg and other European countries Luxlait Association Agricole, founded in 1894, markets a wide range of dairy products. The modern factory, built in 2009 at the heart of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, unites different technologies for the production of pre-packaged dairy products such as fresh milk and UHT milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, fermented milk and semi-hard cheese.

Certification HalalTo increase its international competitiveness, Luxlait has obtained various certificates during the last few months. The Halal certificate, which Luxlait obtained for all the dairy production facilities, creates another prerequisite to promote the export to target markets such as North Africa and other Muslim countries. The launch of the RAIB products in May 2012 has confirmed Luxlait’s positioning as a competent supplier of niche ethnic products such as Altin Kaymak or Laban.


In addition to its position as a supplier of branded products, Luxlait fulfils all the conditions to meet the international standards for private label products. The IFS 6 certificate for liquid milk products was widened in June 2012 due to the successful certification for semi-liquid products and PPNC products.



Certification IFS 5