Our products are “Made in Luxembourg” and are characterised by their high quality, traceability and certification. We carry out more than 1500 analyses per day in our in-house laboratory. Various certifications attest to our consistently high standards in the production of our food products. Our products are IFS FOOD, BIO (organic) and HALAL certified.
Being good is not enough, being the best is no longer enough. This is why at Luxlait, we are constantly striving to improve our business.


Made in Luxembourg

Made in Luxembourg is a guarantee introduced in 1984 for Luxembourg products and services. Its aim is to promote Luxembourg products abroad and to identify them as national products.




Supplier to the Court

Suppliers to the Court include only those companies which regularly supply products of outstanding quality to the Court of Luxembourg. Only about forty Luxembourg companies currently have the honour of being able to bear the coat of arms of the Grand-Ducal Court and call themselves “Suppliers to the Court”.




IFS Food (International Food Standard)

The IFS standard is developed by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This standard is recognised and mostly required by the mass retail sector.
It focuses on food safety, compliance with specifications (especially for private label products) and quality management in general.




Organic products – LU-BIO-04


Certifications by the Prüfverein Verarbeitung Ökologische Landbauprodukte (Inspection Association for the Processing of Organic Agricultural Products)
From the field to the shop counter, organic products are controlled under European regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. Once a year, all parties involved, from producers, processors and traders to importers, are inspected by a state-approved inspection body.




Halal means “authorised and legitimate”. With regard to food and beverages, this means that Muslims are allowed to consume them. During preparation, production and storage, we ensure that no “Haram”, i.e. prohibited, substances come into contact with the product.




The Fairtrade standards are designed to fight poverty and give producers in the world’s poorest countries a more sustainable future.

The cocoa used in our chocolate milks is sourced from producers’ cooperatives in Côte d’Ivoire. This guarantees a supply chain which is fully traceable from the producer to the consumer and monitored by an independent organisation called FLOCERT.

Our LUXLAIT products sporting the FAIRTRADE COCOA label have been certified compliant with the criteria of the Fairtrade standards:

The economic criteria include the Fairtrade minimum price, which aims to provide producers with a safety net guarding against price drops and to enable long-term planning, as well as a Fairtrade premium which is managed democratically by the members of the cooperative and enables them to invest in community infrastructure such as a school, a health centre, a training centre, a water supply, etc etc.

The environmental criteria focus on ecological and healthy agricultural practices, including responsible water and waste management, preserving biodiversity and soil fertility, and minimal use of pesticides and agrochemicals. Fairtrade strictly prohibits the use of a range of dangerous pesticides and all genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The social criteria for the producers’ cooperatives include stipulations regarding democratic self-organisation, participative decision-making, transparency and non-discrimination including gender equality. Forced labour and child labour are forbidden under Fairtrade standards.

This means that by purchasing Luxlait‘s « Fairtrade Cocoa » chocolate milks products, you are contributing – in your role as consumer – to the creation of a fairer world, while also enjoying a delicious treat!

TO FIND OUT MORE : www.fairtrade.lu

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