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Luxlait’s teams come up with new products every day. They scan the market to discover the latest consumer trends and refine the quality criteria. Luxlait’s sole aim has always been respect for natural resources and animal life, excellence in milk processing and the well-being of Luxembourg’s agriculture and consumers. Consuming Luxlait products means you have confidence in one of the best dairy companies in Europe.


Milk drinks are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. Strawberry, vanilla or chocolate drinks prepared with Luxembourg milk give you a wide range of drinks to enjoy and something to satisfy those hunger pangs. Calcium, found in large quantities in milk, is an essential element for good bone health. Milk proteins are highly digestible, satisfy hunger and are crucial for the formation of muscles and cells.

Milks and dairy drink


For several years, we have been developing a whole range of fermented milks. First of all, there is the classic fermented milk “Buttermilk”, which is very much appreciated by our customers from the Maghreb and the Middle East. “Kefir”, a fermented milk of Caucasian origin, is currently experiencing a major boom in Europe. We also produce less well-known milk drinks such as “Raïbi”, with the delicious taste of Moroccan pomegranate, which children particularly enjoy.

Fermented milks


Thanks to its subtle taste and excellent texture, Luxembourg butter is the essential ingredient to make a success of and enhance your main courses and desserts. The expertise of Luxembourg butter is particularly found in Luxlait rose butter, a PDO recipe unchanged since 1932. Indeed, butter production dates back to the origins of civilisation. Traces of butters have been found in graves dating back 2,000 years.



Our different creams are reminiscent of the taste of the pastures of the Grand Duchy, like all the artisan products resulting from the love of work well done. The milk on which our creams are based comes exclusively from farms on Luxembourg territory. It is subject to ongoing controls and remains a certified product. Try our creams for desserts and main courses: their quality will convince you!



Fresh cheese, also called “Wäisse Kéis” or “Stoffi” in Luxembourgish, can be eaten in several ways, as a spread on bread, with fresh fruit or jam. Savour the delicate smoothness of our fromage blanc, you will be delighted by its lightness and freshness. For people who are particularly weight conscious, our “Wellness Snack Fit” is ideal to enjoy with no regrets.

Fresh cheeses


Cheese has become an indispensable part of our diet. Almost no other food is so varied in taste. This is not surprising, because almost everywhere in the world where there is milk production, there is bound to be cheese. All cheesemakers use their own personal recipe for the production and maturing of the cheese. Luxlait does the same and the quality of its cheeses has been appreciated beyond the borders of Luxembourg for decades.


Yaourts du Luxembourg

Yoghurt is an ancient food, still very much appreciated for its healthy and nutritious aspect. The bacteria found in yoghurt are beneficial for the intestinal flora. Its good dose of protein, combined with a low glycaemic index, makes it a recommended food being nutritious for children, athletes and the elderly thanks to its high calcium content.



Like all products from milk processing, dairy desserts begin their manufacturing cycle with the collection and processing of milk. Custards, rice pudding and many dairy desserts are found in our Luxembourg culinary tradition. To be included in this classification of dairy desserts, they must be made with at least 50% milk.

Dairy desserts


In the 1960s, Luxlait started producing ice cream under the brand name Eskimo Pie. Today, our Luxlait ice creams are made exclusively with fresh cream and 100% Luxembourg milk, natural flavours and high quality fruit preparations. We also produce delicious sorbets, enhanced with Marc de Riesling and a French orange liqueur. Not to mention our organic ice cream.

Ice cream


We only prepare our biscuits with our high quality rose butter. It gives our biscuits their very special taste. They are biscuits with chocolate chips and various shortbread biscuits, including honey/sesame, orange/chocolate or almond/lemon. Also try our madeleines, made with our LUXLAIT cream cheese!

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