LUXLAIT is committed to complying with Luxembourg and European laws and regulations, and to enforcing the mandatory rules set out in its internal procedures.


The internal reporting channel set up by LUXLAIT as part of the entry into force of the law dated May 21st, 2023 on the protection of whistleblowers, enables you to report facts and information relating to serious breaches of the aforementioned legal texts and procedures, of which you have become aware in the course of your professional activity/position.


In this context, Luxlait has opted for the secure solution offered by the Seezam platform to guarantee the security and confidentiality of exchanges and data.


Whistleblowers’ reports are handled confidentially by the “Reporting Officers” and within legal deadlines.


Whistleblowers who have been granted whistleblower status will benefit from protection against any risk of reprisals.


Reporting is not a trivial act. Misuse of the system may expose the whistleblower to sanctions or prosecution.


Reporting Channel


Quality complaints relating to products should not be made through this Internal Reporting Channel. We direct you to: Contact Us – Customer Service section.

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