Luxlait belongs entirely to the member Luxembourg farmers who are the owners, customers and suppliers of the business.
Its organisation is based on fairness and solidarity, which are strong values among dairy producers.

All the income generated by Luxlait comes back to the farmers who are members of the cooperative. This way the dairy has been guaranteeing the future of its members, their families and farms for decades.


For generations, Luxlait has been an agricultural cooperative which, as its name indicates, operates in Luxembourg. It all started with many small village dairies and developed into a state-of-the-art factory managed in a cooperative spirit. Tradition, economic efficiency and solidarity with these members have always been fundamental values. The cooperative’s mission is to act in coordination with its members in an entrepreneurial and market-oriented manner in order to offer optimum performance to all.

  • 300 dairy producers are members of the cooperative, rearing
  • 22,000 cows on the country’s meadows, producing
  • 170 million litres of milk/year, processed into dairy products.

In Luxembourg agriculture, the Luxlait agricultural cooperative is a major economic player in rural areas. The agricultural cooperative gets 100% of its milk from Luxembourg and processes the products at the Roost factory (local production). Short distances, high quality standards and the cooperative concept make Luxlait a growing business that farmers and customers trust.

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