Liquid fresh cream

Sweeten your dishes with Luxlait single cream!

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The queen of whipped cream

Luxlait liquid creams are ideal for preparing sauces, accompanying fruit or making cakes. Their hold

when whipped with a hand or electric whisk enable them to be incorporated as a garnish or as an

ingredient to enhance your dishes and desserts. Liquid fresh cream is not subjected to any treatment

other than pasteurisation (neither ripening nor sterilisation). With its excellent whipping properties,

it is the queen of Chantilly or whipped cream (in this case, it must be 36% fat cream).

100% Luxembourg milk


Practical format

Details of the product range

Liquid fresh cream

0,25 L
33% fat

Liquid fresh cream

0,5 L
36% fat

Liquid fresh cream

36% fat

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