Innovation, diversity and quality were the key words on the visit of Romain Schneider, Minister of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development to Luxembourg’s largest milk processing company.

Romain Schneider, who had a very constructive exchange with the representatives of Luxlait, whose president Marc Reiners and director Gilles Gérard stressed the importance of such a major partner.
Indeed, Luxait, which is an agricultural association of 360 farmers, is the largest milk processor in the country. “This dairy cooperative is therefore an essential pillar of Luxembourg’s agricultural sector,” stated Romain Schneider pointing out the innovative character of the company. It has to be said that Luxlait, with its enormous experience and expertise, is constantly evolving in order to diversify its range with quality niche products. It is therefore clear to the Minister that this company should be financially supported in its investments.

Finally, the Minister congratulated Luxlait’s representatives on the company’s 125th anniversary. For Romain Schneider there is no doubt that this great adventure will be successful for at least the next 125 years.