On 13 December 2019, Mr Gilles Gerard (CEO Director), together with Mr Marc Reiners (President), Mr Guy Feyder and Mr Guy Noesen (2 Vice-Presidents) and his Board of Directors, welcomed His Royal Highness the Grand Duke and Mr Romain Schneider, Minister of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development, to the Luxlait site in Roost/Bissen.

The main reason for this visit by the Grand Duke is the 125th anniversary of the traditional Luxembourg agricultural cooperative. It was an opportunity for Mr Gerard to retrace the different stages that LUXLAIT has gone through before becoming its present form and to take stock of the investments made in 2019 and those to intended for 2020.

As a key player in the Luxembourg agri-food industry, the cooperative, renowned for its quality products, must invest in an ongoing and sustainable manner in order to remain at the cutting edge of technology and meet the growing expectations of consumers.

At the beginning of the year, LUXLAIT invested 2.5 million euros in the construction of a new storage warehouse with a capacity of 5,000 pallets and is currently working on the construction of a concentration plant worth 4.5 million euros. It should be noted that this new state-of-the-art plant will generate 5 new jobs.

In addition to these two major investments, the forward-looking agricultural cooperative is planning a whole range of projects for 2020, including the start-up of a photovoltaic installation. In fact, almost 2,000 panels installed on a surface area of 4,200 m2 will enable the production of green energy from January onwards.

This meeting with His Royal Highness also allowed Mr. Gerard to present to him the new products marketed during the year. Indeed, on the domestic market, where international competition is strong, the LUXLAIT company must be innovative and uncompromising in terms of product quality and traceability. In 2019, Luxlait expanded its already wide range of products by adding a deliciously melting grated EMMENTAL, a Greek-style YOGHURT in 1Kg format, 2 new KEFIRS (vanilla and blueberry) for consumers looking for a healthy, protein-rich milk drink, a pomegranate-flavoured RAÏBI for our youngsters and 2 new Crèmes de Chapelain (bell pepper-chili pepper and Italian flavours) for the most gourmet.

After a visit to the different production plants of the dairy and to close the event, the various people present, enjoyed a delicious birthday cake.

Mr. Gerard took this opportunity to explain to His Royal Highness the things that have been put in place since his appointment in May 2019, including the new corporate values: PREMIUM QUALITY, AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE, ECO-RESPONSIBILITY, SUSTAINABILITY and ANIMAL WELL-BEING.

These values take on their full meaning in increasingly protectionist markets. It is important to stress the role that both residents and non-residents play in supporting Luxembourg’s agriculture. By buying local, rather than imported products with a high carbon footprint they support the country’s families and agri-food industry.