From one generation to the next

"From one generation to the next", the common thread running through the new image campaign

The campaign, broadcast on TV, cinema, radio, OOH and digital, aims to highlight the values we share with our customers: the values of tradition and know-how. The common thread is tinged with nostalgia and emotion. In the ad, we follow the main character, Philippe, growing up in Luxembourg with Luxlait products. As time goes by, Philippe becomes an adult and then a father and passes on this tradition to his daughter. A storytelling technique that resonates well with new national and international customers.

For this campaign, we worked with IP Productions, which is responsible for the design. Sound being a key vehicle of emotion, IP Productions designers have created tailor-made music for this universe. This underlines the emotion and nostalgia of the ad, while adding a touch of freshness.





Luxlait is an integral part of the national heritage and is well known among Luxembourg families. However, over the years, the population of the Grand Duchy has changed. Whether they are cross-border commuters or foreign expatriates, we are seeing a flow of people who know little or nothing about our brand. This is one of the reasons why we felt it was important to run such a large-scale campaign. So that these people also develop an emotional bond with Luxlait. In recent years, our communication was mainly product-oriented. In order to remind people of the important role our brand plays in their daily lives, we felt it was essential to emphasise it by this “from one generation to the next” campaign.