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Milk drinks are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. Strawberry, vanilla or chocolate drinks prepared with Luxembourg milk give you a wide range of drinks to enjoy and something to satisfy those hunger pangs. Calcium, found in large quantities in milk, is an essential element for good bone health. Milk proteins are highly digestible, satisfy hunger and are crucial for the formation of muscles and cells.

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Yaourts du Luxembourg

Yoghurt is an ancient food, still very much appreciated for its healthy and nutritious aspect. The bacteria found in yoghurt are beneficial for the intestinal flora. Its good dose of protein, combined with a low glycaemic index, makes it a recommended food being nutritious for children, athletes and the elderly thanks to its high calcium content.

Yaourts du Luxembourg


Our different creams are reminiscent of the taste of the pastures of the Grand Duchy, like all the artisan products resulting from the love of work well done. The milk on which our creams are based comes exclusively from farms on Luxembourg territory. It is subject to ongoing controls and remains a certified product. Try our creams for desserts and main courses: their quality will convince you!

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